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Propane Gas Lawn Mowers


Propane autogas: Lawn service’s competitive advantage

With a propane gas mower, the only thing greener than the grass you’re mowing is your mower fleet. Outdoor equipment manufacturers across the country are waking up to the benefits of running on propane autogas  provided by Palmetto Gas.

Propane Gas Lawn Mowers

At Palmetto Gas Sumter SC, we are helping to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline mowers, and provide the power and convenience that fleet owners require. Many of today’s autogas powered mower models already meet the proposed EPA air standards, emitting significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. That means that your green fleet can continue to mow on ozone action days when your competitors are idle and customers are in need.

Propane mower gas is delivered to your headquarters or job site in dedicated ASME-certified cylinders, meaning that you are no longer hauling large amounts of gasoline in relatively open, vulnerable containers and greatly reducing the amount of spillage and the opportunity for fuel theft.

Palmetto Gas SC works with top mower manufacturers like Ferris, Dixie Chopper, Husqvarna, Scag, Bob-Cat, Ariens/Gravely, Exmark and Bad Boy have options to fit your fleet, while Lehr and Craftsman offer propane-powered string trimmers and blowers.


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